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Rural Australia can be an unforgiving environment on machinery, tools and implements.


Whether it be dust, high winds, rain or sunshine, machinery that is left exposed to these elements will suffer reduced longevity and potentially cost many thousands in repair or replacement cost.


Tractors and other vital or complex machines will function better – and be ready to go when they are needed most – if they have been stored correctly whilst not in use.


It goes without saying then, that an investment in suitable storage and protection will pay for itself many times over!


Amace Industries have an outstanding reputation for developing ‘farm tough’ quality sheds for all rural situations and applications, including custom built, special purpose or general use machinery and implement storage sheds.


Since many farm machines and large equipment cannot be moved easily, it is important to design your shed to be functional and practical, making best use of the available space. The design team at Amace industries have years of experience in helping their rural clients to design a storage solution that will best suit their needs and situation.


And when it comes to the actual manufacture and construction of your structure, you have the assurance of Amace Industries renowned reputation (and proud family tradition) for providing only the very highest quality building standards and materials, including 100% Australian Bluescope steel.


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