Chemical & Hazardous Goods

Many materials that are commonly used on Rural farms (or rural industrial situations) fall into the category of "hazardous materials", since they are either highly flammable, corrosive or poisonous.


Other materials frequently used on farms such as fertilizers and cement may not be hazardous as such, but do have special storage requirements… particularly those that are highly hydroscopic.


The types and quantities of these materials will vary from one farm or rural store to the next and there are many requirements for safe storage that need to be considered when designing a shed for storage and protection.


Hazardous materials stored on farms can include highly flammable materials such as engine fuels and oils, gases, paints, solvents, herbicides, insecticides, acids and sheep and cattle dips, just to name a few.


Correct Storage of Hazardous Products in Rural Situation

Hazardous materials should always be stored in the correct manner and in accordance with all relevant statutory regulations.  Flammable and poisonous materials should be stored with correct standards of protection and take into account ventilation, security, access, drainage and emergency response function.


Conditions That Can Affect Stored Goods

Many products and chemicals that are commonly stored on farms can be particularly affected by different conditions and environmental factors and these need to be considered when designing the relevant type of shed for storage and protection.


For example, some fertilizers are hydroscopic and easily pick up moisture from humid air or from the ground and this causes them to quickly deteriorate. Cement will also deteriorate if exposed to damp conditions, and many materials can also be adversely affected by high storage temperatures.


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